Sticky: Rick Scott gets “pink slip” reception during Springtime parade in Tallahassee today.

Gov. Rick Scott waves to Springtime Tallahassee festival visitors, ignoring a large cluster of “Pink Slip Rick” picket signs that greeted him as grand marshal of the capital’s annual parade. A large number of vocal supports also turned out to shout support for Scott’s budget policies. (BILL COTTERELL/Democrat)

The first Florida governor to smile and wave his way down Monroe Street as grand marshal of the Springtime Tallahassee parade got a warm – sometimes heated – welcome this morning from spectators who lined the route.

Gov. Rick Scott slipped on a colorful string of beads and eschewed a Chrysler convertible with his name on it, grabbing the hand of his wife Ann for the mile-long walk from the base of Thomasville Road to Gaines Street. Hundreds of bright pink picket signs, emblazoned “Pink Slip Rick” greeted him on both sides of the route, with hundreds of spectators jeering and protesting his budget policies.


But hundreds also applauded loudly, shouting encouragement and flashing thumbs-up as the couple strode by. The Lincoln High School band grouped around them for photographs as the Scotts strolled from the governor’s mansion, as dozens of costumed krewe participants and parade figureheads – along with tourists and other spectators – stopped by to meet the chief executive before the parade started.

…He smilingly shrugged off a question about the protestors, saying “it’s always great to be in a parade like this one.”… SOURCE

  • Ros Doneghy

    I have never heard of so many Governors despised by the people they represent. This cannot be good for any state. It is only April, 4 months into his term. He better moved to the middle and stop running Florida into the ground with all these policies that the citizens he works for do not want. He is a civil servant, not a dictator.