Sticky: Milestones in our fight against Rick Scott

Today, we will have garnered over 4,000 signatures on our electronic petition for the resignation of Gov. Rick Scott.  Additionally, more than 150 will have joined us on Facebook after just one week.  Additionally, there have been more than 22,000 visits to our website.

We thank everyone for their support.  However, we are not even close to being done.  My personal goal is to have 50,000 signatures to deliver to the Governor’s office by August.

Please help us by linking to us and getting your friends to join us in as many ways as you can.  Even if they are not a FL citizen and cannot sign the petition, they can at least join us on Facebook!

  • Carlos Sanjurjo

    I think that Floridians, specially South Floridians are going to finally learn the lesson – Republicans R NotGood for U – and No, they will never topple Fidel Castro no matter how many parties and pastelitos they give out in Calle Ocho. So, wakeup