Sticky: Gov. Scott Coached During TV Interviews

Gov. Rick Scott declined to be part of a lawsuit against the company that owned the oil well involved in a massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico one year ago.Scott defended his decision during an interview on WESH 2 News Sunrise on Wednesday.”It’s not in Florida’s best interest to participate in that lawsuit,” Scott said. “I’m working with the attorney general, Pam Bondi, and we both believe the right thing … is to work directly with BP to make sure our claims get paid.”

Scott’s words left many Floridians outraged, but what was more surprising was what he did between his satellite media tour.It’s very common for politicians to be coached during these hours-long satellite television segments, where they are interviewed by network and local stations every few minutes.Coaches typically talk to them about posture and whether or not they’re hitting on bullet points, but one media and political expert said Scott appeared confused and uncomfortable.The production crew decided to leave Scott’s microphone open between a string of interviews with different stations.”Can you ask Dawn if many people come from Orlando here?” Scott asked.Not only did Scott receive coaching about whether or not Orlando residents vacation in the Panhandle, he also got advice on how to explain why he accepted $30 million in marketing money from BP instead of going after potentially billions from TransOcean… MORE