Sticky: Progress Florida Plans New Round of ‘Awake Again’ Protests on May 10

Progress Florida

It’s been a tough few months for Florida’s middle class. Legislators who stood with Gov. Scott instead of hard working Floridians need to be held accountable.

It’s time to Awake Again May 10. Click here to find a rally close to you, or organize one in your community.

The budget that will pass the Legislature this Friday night will be balanced on the backs of middle class and low-income Floridians – the people who can least afford it. Led by Gov. Scott and his allies in the Legislature, this unprecedented assault has targeted our teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, seniors, the disabled and the environment. At the same time, large majorities of legislators stood with big business lobbyists led by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, leaving billions of dollars in corporate tax loopholes untouched. A small group of legislators tried to stop this agenda, but we’re shoved aside by Gov. Scott’s allies.

Gov. Scott and the Florida Legislature are supposed to work on our behalf, not act as puppets for corporate lobbyists.

Join us at an Awake Again May 10 rally close to you and hold those legislators who stood with Gov. Scott accountable.

This has been a tough Legislative session for most Floridians, but the unprecedented level of civic engagement that has taken place since the first Awake The State rallies on March 8th has been truly inspiring. People are awakening to the anti-middle class agenda being pursued in Tallahassee, and as a result, Gov. Scott’s approval ratings are at or near historic lows.

Let’s keep up the fight.

For progress,

Mark, Ray, and the rest of the Progress Florida team

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  • Cybercodge

    Unbelievable!  Nova SE Univ has selected Gov. Scott to give commencement speech; a Univ that is “supposed” to be supportive of public health.  Really, could this be any more hypocritical?   Hopefully there will be an enthuisiastic protest crown there to greet him.him.

    • Domain registration India

       This is really a mad move…