Sticky: Rod Smith and Florida Democratic Party Call For Veto of Extremist Tea Party Budget

Wed, May 25, 2011 9:30:16 PM

It’s A Nightmare

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To: Florida Voters

Florida Democrats

Tomorrow, Rick Scott plans to sign his Tea Party budget, which is nothing short of a nightmare for Florida.

By signing the budget tomorrow, Rick Scott will be destroying the jobs of tens of thousands of middle-class Floridians. Firefighters, police officers, teachers and nurses across Florida will get pink slips and the fragile economic recovery in Florida will be greatly damaged by Rick Scott and the Republican Legislature’s extreme agenda.

We have 24 hours to try and change his mind.

Click here to email Rick Scott and tell him to veto the budget. Tell Rick Scott to call the Legislature back into session to pass a budget that doesn’t harm middle class families or destroy jobs.

Floridians are already seeing headlines across the state of the disastrous affects of Rick Scott’s budget. The Miami Herald reported that pink slips have already been given to 1,400 teachers in Broward County alone. In Pinellas County, 1,100 teachers were recently told they won’t be returning to the classroom next fall.

The $1.3 billion cut to Florida’s public schools means as many as 17,000 teachers across the state will be laid off and schools will have to close because of the Republicans failed policies which hurt the educational opportunities for Florida’s children.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we can’t forget how this will affect Florida’s economy. The number one reason why businesses don’t move to Florida is because of concerns about Florida’s schools.

We all know that quality public schools create jobs and enhance our economy and communities. Now, we need to tell Rick Scott that education is too important to the future of our state to sign this budget.

Email Rick Scott and ask him to veto the job-destroying budget tomorrow.

Rick Scott works for us, let’s work to hold him accountable.


Rod Smith
Chairman, Florida Democratic Party