Charlie Crist releases “4000 lies” ad against Rick Scott over Ponzi-scheme spot – (blog)

Charlie Crist releases "4000 lies" ad against Rick Scott over Ponzi-scheme spot (blog)
In response to Gov. Rick Scott's second ad about Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, Democrat Charlie Crist is releasing his second response commercial, called "4,000 lies" -- a references to the estimated number of times the ad called "swindle" ran. At the ...

  • Orlando Chris

    I have received leaked information on the Florida Governor’s race of a con the Republicans are pulling. Information came in Sept. 18th 2014. Their plan was to have both candidates to choose from be one of their own, so either way they win. I’m sorry folks, but Crist is not a Democrat. He is a infiltrator to the Democrat party, a wolf in sheep clothing if you will. There is not much time left before the election, so we need to spread the information quickly, so we don’t fall for the scam. Nan Rich should have been the Democrat candidate, we all know that, but the Republicans made sure that didn’t happen. Now they have this all in place, there is only one option we have to avoid being duped. We don’t want Scott to win and we don’t want to be fooled by the scheme they are pulling either. Crist is a Republican in disguise. At this point, the only option is voting for Adrian Wyllie. At least he will prevent the Republicans passing bills by veto. He will be the ‘preventer’ Governor, until the next election. If we don’t pull together on this, we will be either stuck with Scott or the infiltrator Crist and have no hope until the next election. Don’t let this go down. Yes, Wyllie may not be the best choice for the Democrat party, but he is close enough and it would be a lot better than the Republican Scott or the Republican Crist. Of course, decide for yourself, but take heed to the warning. Luckily this information came out in time to stop their plan, but we need to react or be doomed.