Meet Rick

Meet Creepy Rick Scott- Governor of Florida

Destroying the State of Florida One Creepy Smile at a Time


Price to buy Florida?: 85,000,000 and 73,000,000 of his  own ill-gotten money!



  • Refusing High Speed Rail stimulus funds that would have put Floridians back to work.
  • Cutting Education to the bone in a state that is close to dead last in all educational measures.
  • Attacking Florida’s already limited unions.
  • Following the lead of ALEC, the Koch Brothers, et al as they write and push legislation to further their interests.
  • Proposing to privatize many of Florida’s state parks and monuments.
  • Trying to Privatize Medicaid and trying to shut Florida’s state-run hospitals.
  • Lowering taxes for the wealthiest Floridian while fees for the rest of us go up.
  • Slashing funding for Florida’s programs for the disabled.
  • Gutting business regulation in the state.
  • Has called for welfare applicants to pay $35 for a drug test when they apply… a move that will only line the pockets of his cronies in the healthcare industy.
  • Proposing cuts to corporate and property taxes that would wreck Florida’s budget for years to come.



Click Here to Sign the Petition for Scott’s Resignation (Florida residents only, please)


  • Carlos Sanjurjo

    Dear Esther:
    I never, ever would vote for a good ol’ boy like Rick Scott. God help us against Rick Scott. This guy  has  been in office less than a year and he has the worst record of any elected politician in history of Florida, maybe after Ghadaffi. He’s a total nut  who has embezzeled the Federal Government out of millions of dollars with the Columbia Health Care fraud, wants to wipe out collective barganing, and the same nut case who wants to take the state back to the Middle Ages. The State of Florida ranks lower than some Third World countries on academic performance and yet he has cut millions out of the State budget for education. I am teacher that has moonlighted for years with kids who cannot finish high school, ahd who’s only hope was to get a high school diploma through an adult educational program, now this is also history. Are you going to  supporting this teenagers that cannot graduate?
    YoU call this doing a good job?Last year 28,5000 Miami-Dade high school students enrolled in a night school class, many of them to retake a math or an Englishs class they never completed, failed through the FCAT process or whatever, but for the reason of needing these credits to graduate.
    That opportunity no longer exists since two initiatives where implemented by your son, our Governor.
    What provisions do you have to rescue this de-franchise generation?
    Do you call this, doing a good job?

  • Kathleen Leavy

     Rick, my last patient was in tears about how you are gutting the water management office she works in. She is terrified of loosing her job and what will happen to Florida’s  water. You Suck!!!!!!!

  • Rickandjulie

    Go Rick Go! I lke the fact that you are running the state like a business. I am tired of high property taxes and you are lowering them. I am tired of high automobile insurance because of PIP and you are tasking the state legislature to do something about it. I want you for another 4 years and Floridians will eventually come around-except for these loons who think government should run their lives. PS, my wife my loose her job as well but this is a sacrifice that we will endure for the better of all of Florida.

    • Anonymous

      Just you get it, government is not supposed to be for profit. Its not and should be like running a business.

  • Erik. C

    If elected I promise to raise education budgets, take federal grant money for projects that employ Florida residents in dire need of work, early-retire the long-standing bureaucrats that do nothing but waste state money being employed. I will help the people!!!

    I WILL run for governor in the next election. I’m sick of all the BS  this governor has dished out to the people.

  • India Sports

    want you for another 4 years and Floridians will eventually come
    around-except for these loons who think government should run their

  • India Sports

    want you for another 4 years and Floridians will eventually come
    around-except for these loons who think government should run their

  • Jason Rahall

    The carpetbagging unindicted sociopath Scott is wrecking Florida.

    He would privatize the sunshine if given the chance. 

  • kukisvoomchor

    Hands down, the most despicable governor in the whole US of A. Up to and including Sunday night (November 5, 2012) there have been daily mob scenes at the Florida polls, with many would-be voters turned away. Scott refuses to budge. Does this guy have any redeeming qualities whatsoever?